Savvy Sales Strategy

The New Formula for Getting Clients

Some Experts Say   You can grow a Six Figure business with a list of 500 prospects or less.

Some Experts Say   All you need is a Facebook group to grow your business.

Some Experts Say   An online webinar, summit or event is the fasted path to success.

In reality, they can all work.  And in reality, they can all fail.

There’s a reason why the majority of professional coaches barely break the $50K /year mark and

professional speakers make an average of $35K/year.

That’s because they’re inconsistent in their approach and often rely on “in the moment” sales.  In doing so they are leaving 60% of their potential prospects in the dust because they’re not being given the time or information needed to make an educated decision. If it takes up to 20 touches to close a sale (and research says it does) how can you crack the code and succeed?

Let’s challenge conventional thinking for a moment. You are a unique businessowner running a unique business. Why are you following other people’s paths? Why are you using templates and mass-produced courses and programs to force fit your unique offers? You’ve officially gone from being a coach to a marketer. Was that your goal?

The struggle. The overwhelm. The confusion.

These happen when something is misaligned. We’re creating without purpose. We’re doing things out of order. We’re not recognizing and filling the gaps. We don’t have time to validate our audience, message or positioning.

This is why challenging conventional wisdom is critical. But how do you get off the expert rollercoaster and start doing what is actually needed to succeed?

Strategic marketers are essential. Not marketers who understand only a specific approach but really understand how marketing and sales go together.

Our approach is classic. We start with the fundamentals of marketing and selling online services.  Then we and turn it on its side.

HOW? We look at all the angles. We identify the gaps. We are not tied to a specific solution. Our goal is not to treat the symptom but actually diagnose the challenge.

WHY? Because we’ve been doing this for 35 years. We have lived and breathed marketing and sales. We know what works, especially in transitional and evolutionary times!

Caution: Paradigm shift below.

We challenge you to think and act as the Savvy You!

The Savvy You sees trends and shifts to create new opportunities. We are flexible and adaptable. We avoid frenzy and know that while actions may change we focus on the things in our industry that don’t.

How does this happen? It comes from shifting our focus from tactics to strategy. It comes from critical observation. And it comes from plenty of trial and error.

We know you started your business to spend time working with clients and now see that getting them is harder than you thought. Our clients say that before working with us they felt more like marketers than coaches.

This is the key. To get out of the day-to-day marketing using scalable systems that encourage prospects to come to you once they’re ready to know more.

Understanding how to transition leads to prospects and prospects to clients can be achieved with:

A Scalable Marketing & Sales System – testing & lead generation funnel, nurture & conversion funnel.

A solid strategy.

A great offer.

A clear sales closing and onboarding process.

And trust and patience in your direction.

Every business needs a solid marketing funnel is because it’s designed to attract, nurture and lead your prospects into sales conversations. The secret to a funnel’s success is its consistency that ultimately gives prospects an opportunity to make decisions in their own decision-making time.

And when it comes converting the prospect to a paying customer, Savvy Sales Strategy has that covered too.  We offer a sales support service that provides a commission-based sales team to close your sales.  Our professional sales agents are closing experts allowing you to focus on what you do best – coaching, consulting, speaking and running your business.

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