The Grow Method

You know you’re a great coach.  Everyone tells you so. Your friends and family. Your clients who have found you – generally through word of mouth referral. But now the pipeline had dried up into a trickle and you just don’t know how to get things going again.

Marketing moves people through a decision-making continuum. The goal of freebies including; downloads, trainings, quizzes and webinars is to get a person to become a lead. What follows next is what gets them to become a prospect. And with the right nurturing and authority building they come to your sales table and you have the possibility to close them as a client.

Some leads need a lot of nurturing while others don’t. It’s a timing thing. It’s a commitment thing. It’s a reality check. It’s whatever the lead needs by way to knowledge and space to become a prospect and then become someone who wants to know more and decides to enter into a sales conversation.

We don’t know how long it will take. We don’t know all the reasons why someone says, “Yes,” and another says, “Not yet.” We don’t know what information will move them along their decision-making path.

This is why The Grow Method exists. Marketing needs to be consistent, persistent and frequent. It’s the greatest opportunity to stay top of mind because prospects decide in their own time when they’re ready to move forward. It’s a way to keep your message strategically aligned so that you keep them engaged. It’s the best way to get intel on your market because you see where in the continuum gets the best response.

Get smart about your business, ideal client and vision of success

Rock solid message testing and platform integration
Optimize your system, marketing and growth plan
Win with dedicated ongoing planning

Our Promise

We help coaches, speakers and service-based professionals solidify their branding and marketing message with real world testing and tweaking plus developing a step-by-step marketing plan. We design rock-solid foundations, produce DFY marketing funnels, do initial marketing tests and then consult during the lead generation process. Finally, when discovery calls start being booked we step back in with a commission-based sales team and let business owners focus on what they do best – coaching/consulting/speaking and running their businesses while we close their sales and help them streamline building their revenue faster.

Our Deliverables

Unique Selling Position

DFY – Quiz Funnel for testing and lead generation

DFY – Conversion Funnel for authority advertising

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

The Program

Discover and Define (existing assets, brand strategy, target audience, marketing message and positioning, marketing plan)  Weeks 1-2

  • Current offer for price/delivery/timeframe
  • How to repurpose existing marketing assets
  • Problem/Solution
  • Best target audience for initial testing
  • Unique marketing message and positioning

Develop Testing Platform (quiz questions, organic outreach messaging, additional funnel elements, build and integrate tech platforms) Weeks 1-2

  • Identify and develop Test Quiz funnel for lead gen
    • Quiz 6-12 Q’s
    • Organic messaging
    • Landing page
    • Email sequence

Weeks 2-4

  • Quiz test funnel
  • Start cold outreach – VA organic on FB, IG, LI depending on product
  • Meet and greet/training with sales team
  • Meet and greet/training with VA team
  • KPIs

Design Final Marketing Program (outline 2-tier marketing plan, create sales funnel elements, integrate new tech platforms as needed, determine KPIs, optimize messaging) Weeks 4-8

  • Marketing strategy
  • Authority Sales funnel elements
    • Webinar or sales training series
    • Landing page
    • Application
    • Email sequence about 12

Dedicated Growth (training on ongoing funnel management, provide recommendations on organic marketing, discuss paid marketing resources, identify areas of improvement including offer deliver and client experience) Weeks 2-4

  • Client transition
  • Organic marketing and paid marketing recommendations
  • Ideas of offer and client experience enhancement

Program length: 2 months

2-months program development/testing: 1:1


2-months support of marketing and sales funnel: weekly group call

2-months support of marketing and sales funnel: 24/7 email support

Want to know more?

As Seen On

David Allison

“Wow – I just have to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and wisdom. I really mean that from the heart. My passion for helping others was as I said – trying to serve everyone – when really my helping my own community namely gay men has been staring me in the face the whole time. You really pushed me to think – I went from waffling about health to being fired up about helping gay men with their mindset/health/positivity. I will absolutely be working on narrowing that down to a who I help and why over the coming days. I really did feel like I’d been thrown to the wolves with no plan after losing my job and trying to start my coaching business…. and now I feel refocused.

Thank you again. You really pushed my buttons and it was just what I needed, I needed to feel uncomfortable and recognise the need for who I serve. This week I’ve been feeling the overwhelm and after chatting to you it just turned into fuel, so thank you. Now my head is buzzing but in a good way!

You are a star Abigail! ”

Rebecca Halonen

“My karate business was slowing down and I wasn’t sure how to get more students. Tami and I went over the done-for you process and she held my hand every step of the way. Through working with Tami we improved our client base significantly! I would highly recommend working with Launches Made Simple.”

Thomas Paar

“Tami is the most creative, energetic, experienced, knowledgeable business person I have ever met. She has been in marketing for years. As a business consultant I have recommended many coaches and consultants to her services and she has always helped them to grow their bottom line.”

Nina Potter

“Tami is SO knowledgeable and PRACTICAL, which is even more important when my business was struggling to grow and evolve. I needed her sharp business sense and intuitive guidance to navigate through all the confusing and time-consuming marketing tasks so I could do what REALLY needed getting done. She’s with you with exceptional service through it all. Tami is just the lifesaver (PFD should stand for “Personal Financial Deliverer”) you need when the phone isn’t ringing!”